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Worried about your feet this harmattan season? Read tips on how to care for your feet.

The harmattan season seems to be back. Some of us love it, others are not so happy about it because that means white face, cracked lips, dry and scaly feet. Now your feet is my concern since it does a lot of dust collection from walking around. This post is going to show you how to ensure your skin looks smooth, soft and healthy this season.

According to Wikipedia, harmattan is a dry West Africa trade wind. It blows south from the Sahara into the gulf of Guinea between the end of November and the middle of March. IHarmattan affects people different depending on their skin type. People with dry skin usually suffer more because it leaves their skin looking scaly, cracked and rough.

Read the following steps below. .


1)      Remove dead dry skint is characterized by a cold, dry, dusty wind in the evening until the early hours of the morning. When in season, everywhere is covered in fog and it blows sand particles around.  Without proper and extra care for the skin, it will leave the skin looking dry and scaly. : There are a lot of methods to remove dead dry skin from your feet but using a “foot fill” has been proven to be the most effective. Please note that before you start using the foot filler on your feet, make sure your feet is dry. Using it on wet feet could leave your feet sore.



2)      Wash and moisturize your feet regularly: Washing your feet regularly is helpful. Normally, I don’t sweat on my feet but I realized that during harmattan periods, my feet get sweaty and after some hours, they become white. I decided to start washing my feet regularly during the day. I wash with soap and a hand sponge. After washing, I moisturize with a shea butter or coconut oil. Now during this season, I don’t use the usual feet cream as they are not as effective. I use Shea Butter or Coconut Oil. Ensure that you apply it one each toe and in between the toes too. Personally, i use Aweni Organic’s Shea Butter Oil. It is amazing on my feet and skin.



3)      Use a foot scrub: Scrub your feet once a week. This stimulates circulation and it also makes the feet looking soft and smooth. Using the foot scrub also removes stubborn dirty that would be difficult for a hand sponge to wash off.




4)      Use a crack heel cream: For those who have cracked heel, harmattan periods aren’t good for such and it can sometimes be painful. Ensure that you use a “Cracked Heel Cream”. There are several brands available and they can be found in local supermarkets.



5)      Wear socks to bed: Before you go to bed at night, ensure you wash your feet. After washing and moisturizing them,(apply the crack heel cream “if needed”) wear a pair of cotton socks and go to bed. This speeds up the moisturizing process. Your feet will feel much softer and smoother in the morning.



What other  tips do you know about? Please feel free to share yours in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.


Have a “Happy Feet” day!

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  1. I hate this season, however, I have some clever ideas regarding using a foot scrub. I always use homemade scrub – sugar and oil! I just mix them and lather them gently on my foot and it is really refreshing. Also, you can use them on your body for a whole body scrub experience. You just have to be careful standing on the bathroom because it can get very slippery because of the oil.

    1. Thank you so much, this is a wonderful tip. I will certainly try this out :)and you are completely right about being careful when standing on the bathroom.

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