One sunny afternoon in 2005, I laid on a couch in my father’s living room, thinking of what next to do about my life when i caught a glimpse of a shiny sliver bead from the corner of my eyes. Then something whispered to me (i believe it was the Holy Spirit) saying “Idong, you can make that slippers”. From no where, i sprang up from the couch, ran towards the slippers and picked it up. It was a pair of slippers a neighbor had given to my mom as a gift from the US. I felt the slippers speaking to me about how it was made and that i should replicate her. I decided to take her to the local market (the old Tejuosho market) Lagos, Nigeria. I found the materials used to create the slippers and i tried to recreate her. After a few days, i succeeded. Ever since then, i never looked back.

Time travel to April 2014, i decided to quit my job and focus on passion of  footwear making and accessory. It has always been my dream to build fashion brand in Nigeria that will be of global standards.

Today, we are  a “Proudly Nigerian” brand that creates stylish handcrafted footwear and accessories which are a thrill to own.

The art and soul of Idong Harrie is creativity, innovative craftsmanship and originality. Aiding to add that confident look to your personality. We epitomize designs that fuse elegance with a practical edge, creating a unique range of exciting creations.

Each Idong Harrie product is finely handcrafted to every detail with genuine leather materials sourced from various parts of the world and then put together by experienced Nigerian craftsmen who understand the finishing touches of creating a masterpiece.

Our collections are been masterfully designed by experienced creative designers who sit through several design sessions in order to come up with designs that will specifically suit your taste.

Please feel free to contact me via my personal email: idongesit@idongharrie.com


Made in Nigeria with love,

Idongesit Umoh


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