24 May

The rainy season is upon us and no matter how much some of us love this “weather for two”, when it comes to leaving our homes or whatever safe place that has been protecting us from the rain, we always think of how to protect our feet from getting wet. Unfortunately for some of us, our feet smells even in dry season and so this rainy season combining wet smelly shoes, socks and feet is going to be embarrassing and that would make us have a low self esteem.

You do not need to feel discouraged. Smelly feet which is scientifically known as bromodosis, is a common foot problem. The feet and hands have more sweat glands that any other part of our body. Foot odor is mainly caused by sweat and shoes and so controlling feet sweat and be a daunting task. However, it can be contained and managed till it is finally cured. Focusing on your feet and your shoes, you can obtain odor-free feet. Although, some other foot odour is caused by various medical conditions and it is advisable to visit the doctor for treatment.

Here are a 6 easy home remedies you can use to prevent stinky feet this rainy season.

  1. Wash your feet after they get wet due to rain.
  2. Keep an extra pair of socks & shoes.
  3. Rotate your shoes & socks.
  4. Keep your feet dry.
  5. Dry out your shoes completely before you wear them.
  6. Use foot cream/powers.


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